Malaysian Foreign Minister Saif Adin Abdullah along with Ymen’s Ambassador to Kuala Lumpur Dr Adel Bahomaid launched Sunday a fund-raising campaign ” Relieve our Affected Brothers in Republic of Yemen”. The fund-raising operation organized by Global Peace Mission Malaysia (GPC) to help mitigate harsh humanitarian situations in Yemen. Bahomaid’s launching remarks touched upon catastrophic humanitarian situations in Yemen as a result of the war triggered by Iran-backed Houthi putschist militia.

The Ambassador expressed thanks for Malaysia’ Monarch, government and peoples and (GPM) as well for their sincere supportive stances alongside the Yemeni people. Bahomaid deeply appreciated Malaysian government’s, charity associations’ and civil society organizations’ role in contributing to humanitarian and relief efforts to allay the Yemeni peoples’ ordeal created by Houthi militia’s coup against the legitimate authority.

For his part, Malaysian Foreign Minister said” Fund-raising campaign came in solidarity with the Yemeni peoples who are struggling with hardships due to economic crisis and shortage of monetary supplies in Yemen amid the war which has been continuing for four years, negatively affected all walks of life”.